Mijke Rhemtulla

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I am an Assistant Professor of Psychological Methods at the University of Amsterdam. I received my PhD in Psychology from the University of British Columbia in 2010. At UBC I studied early language and conceptual development with Geoff Hall and Fei Xu. I was also fortunate enough to have excellent methodology professors, and credit Victoria Savalei with convincing me that I really wanted to pursue quantitative methods. After receiving my PhD I spent 3 years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis at the University of Kansas.

I study models for psychological data and psychological constructs -- including the messy aspects of real data (e.g., missing data, ordinal measures) and of real constructs (e.g., interactions among unobservable variables).

I also continue to be interested in substantive questions of developmental psychology, for example, how the growth trajectories of early cognitive skills are related to each other, and how they are affected by genes, environment, and their interaction.

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